About Val Gould

Val retired from silversmithing after twenty five years and now runs a gallery and framing service in Sandwich, Kent. Her writing career began in 2013 when she published her first book, Catalyst. This was followed by its sequel, Legacy and later in 2017 she wrote How it all Began, a tragic tale of man versus Fate set in the mid 1900s. Sickle moon followed with an intriguing story which presents the reader with unanswered questions, addresses personal dilemmas, love and betrayal, fear and retribution. Then, in 2020, Val wrote My Daughter, which presents itself as a twisting unfolding of an enigma of a lifetime; just read on… This book, Those Who Lie Beneath, tells the developing story of two related but utterly unlike men who are nonetheless drawn inexorably to a mysterious place and person belonging to another time… Strange days indeed, this beguiling novel might just be Val’s best yet

Val with Monty, Daisy and Lily (Piglet)

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